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The inclusive physical education seeks to promote a love of physical education across school. The broad and balanced curriculum is well mapped to develop children holistically (personally, socially, cognitively and creatively) as well as developing a physical literacy of fundamental movement skills and knowledge that can contribute to lifelong participation. 

Whilst physical education lies at the forefront of our curriculum, we hold school sport, physical activity and enrichment opportunities of equal importance. We encourage children to be as physically active as possible throughout the school day, not only at break and lunchtimes, but wherever it is relevant to the learning experience. Children all have the opportunity to take part in school sport, and healthy competition is encouraged. Through enrichment such as outdoor residentials and sporting visits, we provide new opportunities for our children. 

 Starting in EYFS and into KS1, children develop fundamental movement skills (agility, balance, coordination) through immersive PE themes underpinned by our REAL PE scheme of work. KS2 builds on these fundamentals and allows their application into a range of activities including games, dance, gymnastics, outdoor adventurous activities, striking and fielding, swimming and athletics.   

The PE curriculum is designed to contribute to the development of the whole child. Whilst the activity and skills-based curriculum is important, the emphasis is placed on children developing their personal, social, cognitive and creative skills through varied approaches to teaching. Children are encouraged to become resilient, independent, cooperative, problem solvers and creative thinkers – skills that can all be transferred into wider life. 

PE is taught for two hours. One session is taught by the class teacher, focussing on Real PE skills, and the other by a sports specialist, who teaches sports specific lessons, often linked to upcoming competitions. 

The school has an established partnership with a variety of sporting agencies including Northamptonshire Sport. With our partners, we  ambitiously engage with a wide range of extra-curricular or competitive sport (including intra and out of school competitions).  

The school also engages with the REAL leaders programme to support peer mentoring of sports activities that take place during break and lunchtime. 


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