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We are an Eco-School

Eco Schools Green Flag 2023
We are excited to announce that we recently achieved our second Green Flag!

The children at Headlands Primary School are leading the way in caring for our planet.  We are working hard to become a more sustainable school through our Eco Curriculum, promoted by our staff and Eco Committee.

Our review evaluation stated that we ensure :-

"that young people in your school are aware of environmental issues and are committed to being active and creating positive change." 

"We particularly admire your commitment to tackling your lowest scoring area of Biodiversity in the Environmental Review.  This shows you have an ambitious and confident Eco-Committee, dedicated to bringing about impactful change.  Your Curriculum Link examples are practical, imaginative, and point to a whole school commitment to environmental education."

Here is our Eco-Code:  

Eco Code SNIP

All children in the school take part in a Geography and Science curriculum that encourages learners to understand our impact on the planet. They will think innovatively about how to offset their footprint and adopt ideas that promote a positive Eco lifestyle. 

In Year 1 - children are encouraged to grow and care for their own plants; promoting eco systems and natural habitats in our Eco space. They will also take part in litter picking in our local community.

In Year 2 - children look at how far food must travel to reach our plate; promoting locally sourced food to reduce energy waste. Children are also encouraged to grow their own plants and crops using their Scientific knowledge of plants.

In Year 3 - children learn about recycling, reducing and reusing, to reduce the amount of landfill waste. They promote reusing waste by reducing the amount of whiteboard pens that go into landfill from our school by refilling them ready for reuse.  The children will also be running a battery recycling competition.

In Year 4 - children are taught about water pollution through their topic on rivers. They also learn about rainforests and the impact humans are having on them. in Science, Year 4 learn about the impact humans have on habitats and the environment.  They learn about the positive and negative impact we have.

In Year 5 - children learn about natural resources and what can be done to protect their sustainability.

In Year 6 - children learn about global warming and gain a topical environmental awareness. They then culminate their learning of their primary years by running a local eco campaign of their choice.

As well as this, Year 4 pupils elected as Eco-Ambassadors meet every Thursday during school, to work collaboratively to plan, promote and participate in Eco activities for the school. Our commitment and efforts are helping us understand our footprint we leave on the planet.

Keep an eye out on our school Facebook page to see updates from our Eco Ambassadors



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