Headlands Primary School is governed by a Local Governing Body (LGB).  The LGB strive to support the school staff as much as they can in order to help all our children to be the best they can be.  The Chair of the Governing Body is Adam Eakins.

governor 0001 01 Adam Eakins   Adam Eakins - Chair of LGB

Before I became a parent governor in 2015, the role of the governing body was a mystery to me. I’m sure it may well be to you too, so I wanted to take a few moments to highlight just few of the activities  we are engaged in on a regular as well as ad-hoc basis.

  • School improvement plan – the SIP is as an annual plan relating to overall school improvement and linked to the long-term strategic plan. It covers everything from curriculum matters and learning to wellbeing and behaviour.
  • Monitoring – in normal times visiting school to check on everything from health and safety and safeguarding to lessons and teacher development.
  • Wellbeing – It is becoming increasingly apparent the importance of wellbeing in school for all and part of our role is to monitor this within the school.
  • Premises and facilities – against a challenging financial backdrop, the governing body has a key role to play in ensuring the right investments in premises and facilities are made.
  • Finance – at the root of much of our discussion is finance and the challenges on the budget. The school’s funding is challenged. Cost structures increase year on year. But at the heart of every decision is ensuring we make the best choice for the children of Headlands Primary School.

I hope that gives you a flavour of the breadth and depth of the governing body’s involvement behind the scenes. Fundamentally, the role of the governing body is a strategic one linked to helping the  school to deliver on its vision and promise to grow our children into happy and respectful, lifelong learners.



Meet the Governors -
governor 0000 00 Darren Smith governor 0006 06 Louise Fadal Deane Kelly 1 Jenna Warren Sarah Harris

 Darren Smith  
 Head Teacher

 Louise Fadal
 Staff Governor
 Deane Kelly
 Staff Governor
 Jenna Warren
 Parent Governor
 Sarah Harris
 Parent Governor
governor 0005 05 Karen Bailey governor 0005 051  Jon Atkinson governor 0004 04 Jackie Beere Andy Clarke governor 0008 08 Diane Atkinson
 Karen Bailey
 Co-opted Governor
 Jon Atkinson
 Co-opted Governor
 Jackie Beere
 Co-opted Governor
 Andy Clarke
 Co-opted Governor
 Diane Atkinson
 Clerk to LGB

Safeguarding Governor

Sarah Harris

Contacting a Governor

To contact a Governor, please telephone the school on 01604 407098 or email  and your enquiry will be passed on to the relevant Governor.

Minutes of Local Governing Body meetings

Should you wish to view a copy of the minutes of the LGB, please contact the school directly and your request will be passed on to the Clerk, who will be able to provide you with an electronic or paper copy of the minutes.

Attendance of Local Governing Body meetings

To view the attendance register, view further details about the Governing Body and vacancies please see the Associated File area below.

In compliance with EFA guidelines regarding the disclosure of Business interests, this is to confirm that there are none to disclose at Headlands Primary School.  For a summary please see below.


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