School Parliament


The School Parliament meets regularly with Mrs Rashid to discuss and stem ideas for positive change in and around our school. All the ideas brought to the meetings have the essence of children leading change.  

Each class in Years 1 to 6 is represented by a member that has been elected by their class. To be elected, pupils are asked to complete and present a manifesto to their class, explaining why they would be a good representative for their peers.

Our School Parliament Charter

As school Parliament representative, I will ENDEAVOUR to ...

  • Listen to and communicate our ideas
  • Be brave and talk confidently to school parliament and my class
  • Take part in leading and acting on good changes for our school
  • Work with Mrs Rashid to help make the school a better place

In School Parliament we have elected each other for roles such as:

  • Chairperson
  • Minute Taker
  • Treasurer
  • Time Keeper
  • Message deliverer

Our Ideas

Our ideas are led by our school virtues: Honesty, Compassion, Responsibility, Curiosity, Ambition and Gratitude.

How we endeavour to make a difference

To begin our School Parliament quest for excellence in our school, we are elected by our class. We are ambassadors for behaviour and we lead an assembly on our own to our school, sharing what it means to be honest.

As part of our virtue compassion, we organise fundraising for the charities ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Save the Children’.

To help us take part in responsibility for our planet, we team up and promote the hard work and efforts of our dedicated Eco Club. We help them spread their knowledge and tips about how we can be responsible for our future.

We feel gratitude is such an important quality for a happy life. Over this term, we will endeavour to create ideas of how to thank those who we are grateful for.

During our term learning about curiosity, we will collect our class curiosities and take these ideas to our school librarian, who will enthusiastically help our class to cure their curiosities with our enriched library.

Over the county of Northamptonshire, there are lots of successful people that we can learn from and be inspired from their ambitions. We will endeavour to find and introduce inspirational people across our county to our school.