Note   Posted 
Royal Summer Party - The Friends of Headlands School invite you all to join them for a Royal Summer Party on Saturday 9 June between 11.00am and 3.00pm.  There will be lots of fun and you may even get to meet a very special guest! Please see here for further information - your support would be much appreciated.  14.05.18
Lost Property - If your child has mislaid their favourite coat or trainers please speak to the school office with a description.  We are looking after some items that we would like to reunite with their rightful owners.  There are also a few items in lost property still waiting to be claimed so please take a look.  Thank you.  24.04.18

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Measles, Chickenpox and Shingles - Please read the important letter attached here.


Medication - If your child needs regular medication in school please speak to your child's class teacher.  A pink Medication Consent Form must be completed.  All medication must be prescribed by a doctor, clearly labelled with your child's name and in date.  Thank you.