Note   Posted 

Weather - Please could you ensure that you send your children into school with appropriate clothing for the extremely cold weather eg warm coats, hats, scarves, gloves and sensible footwear. Thank you.


Lost Property - Has your child lost their school fleece, sweatshirt, hat, gloves etc?  We seem to have quite a collection of items in our lost property waiting to be claimed.  Unfortunately as lots of items are not named it is extremely difficult to re-unite them with their owners.  Please ask at the school office if you would like to search for a missing item. Thank you.


IMPORTANT NOTICE - Measles, Chickenpox and Shingles - Please read the important letter attached here.


School Meals - We would like to thank all those parents/carers who are using SchoolComms to order and pay for their child's school meals.  This is a much more efficient way of managing school meals and it is our aim to have the majority of parents/carers using this method by the end of this term. If you are not sure how to use this facility please speak to the school office who will be happy to help.  Thank you.


Medication - If your child needs regular medication in school please speak to your child's class teacher.  A pink Medication Consent Form must be completed.  All medication must be prescribed by a doctor, clearly labelled with your child's name and in date.  Thank you.